Hurry!!! Giveaway ends Friday!! Wednesday, April 01, 2009

G*I*V*E*A*W*A*Y Ends Friday!!!

I can't believe that it is the middle of the week already! Wow, it amazes me how time flies. Can't wait to get outside and work in my flowerbeds. Right now there are weeds galore but hey, no worries, warm weather is right around the corner. It is rainy her today, so what, a perfect day to stay inside :o)
Don't forget...the 'playing house' Collage G*I*V*E*A*W*A*Y ends this Friday, April 3rd. Just look a couple post down to find more details.
Featured above is another matchbox. I have had so much fun with these! This one was loads of fun...of course with the Wizard of Oz gang all the childhood memories come flooding back! Lions & tigers & bears...oh my! Ok, it is out of my system now LOL!
Featuring Dorothy & her ruby slippers hidden inside!Creation began with a matchbox style box. This box is tad larger than normal size so it gave me more space to add whimsy! Collaging started by adding quality papers, inks, digital images, unique trims, buttons, etc...Voila, the piece came alive!
In my etsy shop now.
Have a Blessed 'mid-week' day ~ Misty


Princess Caitlin said...

hi from CaitiJo - I LOVE your banner. :D

Designs by Jenai said...

I am a big fan of The Wizard of Oz!

Love your banner as well. It's great to see folks being representatives of God!

Stay blessed!