Just relaxing... Wednesday, March 25, 2009

~My up and coming little artist~

What a great day to relax :o) My family is feeling better so time to take a deep breath. Just sitting down with a cup of coffee with my feet up. The most exciting thing today has been making homemade playdough with my daughter. We started with just plain white and then Emma asked 'Mommy can we make pink?'. How could I say no to that face. With that said we made not only pink but also purple and yellow. I am such a sap LOL! Making the playdough was fun I must say! Sometimes we can overlook the simple things in life that our God in heaven has blessed up with. I keep thinking that my little girl is going to be grown up before we know it so any time that I can spend with her is priceless!

Thought I would share with everyone the picture that my daughter gave to me today! Made my day. She is always in the art studio with me and when she is not playing with playdough she is drawing. I think I need more fridge space LOL!

We all have SO many daily blessings that we fail to recognize and also fail to recognize who the supplier of them is.

Well, back to relaxing, think I will go finish my daily bible reading :o)


next post down!

Many Blessings~Misty


ArtSnark said...

Great drawing! It is the little things ( & little ones) that make each day worth while :D

Baroness Bijoutery said...

Guard those moments and lock them in your heart. Those special little gifts are only little for such a short time. I sometimes think I blinked once to often and they grew into adults..But I have all those special times and memories to keep me warm..Just when you get alittle comfortable with your children as adults we are given another special blessing..a Grandchild..Another angel has entered our lives..